thanh-bwThanh Nguyen, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

A very warm welcome to Open Hearted Minds (OHM) Counseling and Coaching! Let’s get to it since time is of the essence. I did not come into this profession by chance. You did not stumble here by chance either. I believe that most things in the world is not an act of chance, but opportunity, so it is immensely important to me that I provide you with the necessary details so that you can best navigate this process:

  • I received my Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a specialty in neuroscience from the University of Colorado in Boulder. I obtained my Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado in Denver.
  • I have worked in the mental health field for 6+ years in addition to 4+ years of lab research in clinical psychology and neuroscience. Both my work with people and work in the lab have given me a deep appreciation for the importance of evidenced based approaches that are grounded in science and the art of clinical practice. Thus, I strive to balance both the science and art of therapy in order to maintain rigor and a high level of excellence in my work with clients.
  • Therapists understand the landscape of the mind and have the tools to make the journey with you. You hold the map and the key to each stage and together, we can traverse the problems and explore your goals whether it is addressing past trauma, changing a behavior or overall self-improvement.
  • Your story is yours to tell and I am here to not only listen but also reflect and witness your story, detect ways in which we can achieve your goals based on your unique journey, analyze the best route and continually support you in your endeavors.

No matter what you choose however, my hope is that you get something, even if it is by visiting this website. Please check out some assessments, handouts and exercises that you can do at home to get a sense of what we might work on in therapy!