Your story is unique and the struggle for freedom from anxiety and unhappiness in your current situation has a resolution. OHM Counseling offers individual, couples & family professional counseling in the Aurora/Denver Colorado area. With respect for your individual identities, whether it is culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation and/or any parts of you that informs your experience,  evidenced-based approaches are used to help achieve your life goals.  

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Valentine’s Day Special: Neurochemicals of Love

Fall in love Oxytocin and VasopressinIf oxytocin is Juliet, then vasopressin is Romeo of the neurotransmitter world. They are two neurochemicals important in bond formation for females and males during the attachment stage where oxytocin is implicated in female bonding whereas vasopressin in male bonding. Interestingly, a series of studies on the naturally monogamous prairie voles found that the … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special: Neurochemicals of Love

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