Career & Resume

I worked with thousands of individuals in my previous position as a career advisor and enjoy helping people figure out their life calling. I remember when I decided to change careers, it was not a triumphant singular moment in which a clear path glowered before me, but a constant nipping at my daily routine. Work is a part of our identity and for some, it is the vehicle for which we live our dreams. Perhaps you are just beginning this journey to discover your values and strengths or perhaps you are familiar with this cycle and want support in figuring out what you would like to do. There is a saying, “If you know the WHY, then you can live any HOW.”

Did you know that most people have had at least 10 jobs before turning 40? Changing jobs or careers altogether is a common practice, but how you go about it makes a difference. From writing resumes to interview etiquettes and figuring out your career path, we will figure out an effective approach for your needs.

What’s Next?